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Africa Business Panel

Africa Business Panel is a cooperation of the Africa Influencer Agency and renowned market research firm MSI-ACI.

Africa Business Panel is a strong research tool with registered members who work for organizations resident in and operating out of Africa. They are the senior managers, entrepreneurs or professionals that form the backbone of the business community throughout Africa.

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Paul Ansems

Sr. Research Consultant

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Marc Stubbé


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Rodney Tiesselinck


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Jaap de Graaf


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About Africa Influencer Agency

Africa Influencer Agency supports doing business in Africa by marketing services and market research.

The social networks of Africa Influencer Agency connect over 1,500,000 business professionals worldwide with an interest in the continent Africa.

About MSI-ACI Europe BV

MSI Advanced Customer Insights is a subsidiary of a leading US-based market intelligence firm, MSI International.

MSI consists of enthusiastic professionals who think the intersection of technology, human behaviour and marketing is fascinating- and ripe with opportunity. We are adept at finding more meaningful ways to communicate in an age of over-communication and eager to share smart new solutions that turn insight into foresight.